Saturday, January 17, 2009

testing the waters.

well here we go! my first attempt at blogging and truth be told, it's a bit unnerving. this being said, i've gotta tell myself that if you're reading this either you're interested in reading this or you horribly misclicked!

i'll lay out some particulars:
my name is chris brown (yes... just like the famous r&b star) and im starting this blog to go along with the opening of my business 'five points glass'. im 17, a senior at dowling catholic high school, and live in des moines, iowa.

the name five points glass leaves little to the imagination as to the medium i use. i almost exclusively make (and hopefully sell) glass -- jewelry/functionals/etc, through a process called lampworking/flameworking/torchworking.

im in the process of finishing up my website, but thought it would be best to have a blog post already made when the website first came out

thanks for reading, and hope i havent bored you too bad

1 comment:

  1. WELCOME to the world of blogging, Chris! Congratulations on getting Five Points Glass up & running... you'll do great!! Site looks fabulous, so does the photography of your pieces! Very nice. I'm proud of you. Good luck! ~ Julie