Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post newspaper mayhem inventory!

One of the busiest weeks of my life, yeesh! Ive been working over the past week whenever i can to try to make as much stuff as i can before i leave for north carolina.

I just updated my etsy ( http:// ) with 16 new pendants and i still need to send out emails to people notifying them of the new inventor

Maybe i'll post a few pictures of the new pendants on here!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newspaper story!

A few weeks ago, i was interviewed by the Des Moines Register for a profile on my glassblowing business. I was expecting a short little tidbit that maybe mentioned my website, but i was really surprised with what i woke up to this morning!

This day has been crazy -- I've sold almost my entire stock because of this article and Ive recieved so much feedback from the community.
A really good day!
I think I'll leave a link of the article incase you wanna take a peek

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Been awhile since i posted! Big events since last i wrote!

Became an uncle, baby maxwell james romslo was born on march 12th and was very healthy!

I made my first sale to a gallery a few weeks later and just got a call from them, saying that they've already sold the stock they bought and are interested in placing another order!
I went down to kansas city for spring break and got to take a 3 day seminar with a very talented artist named Stephan Hagstrom ( i learned quite alot and got to work alot on technique around alot of fun people!

I was in the high school musical which was a great success, and now that it's over i have much more time to devote to glasswork.

I completely updated my website ( and my etsy page ( -- It took forever, but im really glad with how it all turned out and the responses im getting on my newer stuff so it was definately worth it

Oh! i almost forgot! I was accepted into both glass school i applied to for this summer, the penland school of crafts in penland north carolina and the Pilchuck Glass School in stanwood washington ( fun fact about pilchuck -- started by world famous glass blower Dale Chihuly)

Im very tired and am heading to bed!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Got my website up and running + im on etsy and artfire

Been a very tough week, however there is a bit of silver lining: I finally got my website up and running as well as got some stuff on both etsy and artfire! I couldnt decide whether to use etsy OR artfire, so i chose both.
Hope you like it and thanks for reading!

So far, reactions have been incredibly positive, and im getting a lot of great feedback! I've already had an offer from austrailia about buying some of my stuff, and I'm incredibly exited!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

testing the waters.

well here we go! my first attempt at blogging and truth be told, it's a bit unnerving. this being said, i've gotta tell myself that if you're reading this either you're interested in reading this or you horribly misclicked!

i'll lay out some particulars:
my name is chris brown (yes... just like the famous r&b star) and im starting this blog to go along with the opening of my business 'five points glass'. im 17, a senior at dowling catholic high school, and live in des moines, iowa.

the name five points glass leaves little to the imagination as to the medium i use. i almost exclusively make (and hopefully sell) glass -- jewelry/functionals/etc, through a process called lampworking/flameworking/torchworking.

im in the process of finishing up my website, but thought it would be best to have a blog post already made when the website first came out

thanks for reading, and hope i havent bored you too bad