Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Been awhile since i posted! Big events since last i wrote!

Became an uncle, baby maxwell james romslo was born on march 12th and was very healthy!

I made my first sale to a gallery a few weeks later and just got a call from them, saying that they've already sold the stock they bought and are interested in placing another order!
I went down to kansas city for spring break and got to take a 3 day seminar with a very talented artist named Stephan Hagstrom ( i learned quite alot and got to work alot on technique around alot of fun people!

I was in the high school musical which was a great success, and now that it's over i have much more time to devote to glasswork.

I completely updated my website ( and my etsy page ( -- It took forever, but im really glad with how it all turned out and the responses im getting on my newer stuff so it was definately worth it

Oh! i almost forgot! I was accepted into both glass school i applied to for this summer, the penland school of crafts in penland north carolina and the Pilchuck Glass School in stanwood washington ( fun fact about pilchuck -- started by world famous glass blower Dale Chihuly)

Im very tired and am heading to bed!


  1. I just read about you in the Register. You are astoundingly talented. I didn't see just the right thing on your website to buy, but I will be keeping an eye out.

    Congratulations on finding your passion and following your dream.

  2. I read the article about you in the Des Moines Register awhile back. I figured you would be on etsy. I wrote down your web address and just checked it out.
    Such great photography and glass art. Your website looks distinguished. I'm glad for you.
    I'm from Iowa too, and as I said I sell on etsy. If your interested, you can check it out at
    Glad to hear of other iowans having a success in the art field. I'm going to check out the artfire one next.